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a stunning place in Pakistan to enjoy your holidays

Bhurban (بھوربن ‎) is a small town and a hill station in Punjab province, Pakistan.
The resort town is named after a nearby forest. It is located approximately
9 kilometers from Murree city.

Country: Pakistan
Province: Punjab (Pakistan)
District: Rawalpindi
Time Zone: PST (UTC+5)


The Rawat Union Council is also responsible for managing Bhurban.
Rawat village is the headquarters of the Union Council of Rawat, which is an
administrative sub-division of Murree Tehsil, in the Rawalpindi District of Punjab.


Bhurban is situated in between Murree and Kashmir Road at a height of about 6000 feet.
It has recently been made accessible by the dual Islamabad-Murree Expressway,
making it a 45-minute drive from Islamabad, the federal capital of Pakistan.


Bhurban is one of the more picturesque places in the country, and is a tourist paradise
with unique flora, and a fauna with a variety species not found elsewhere in Pakistan.
It is known for scenic hiking trails in the nearby Ayubia National Park.
The '5 star' Pearl Continental Hotel - Mount Pleasant Apartments is one of several resorts
in Bhurban that serve tourists visiting the Murree Hills and the national park.
Bhurban also has a nine-hole golf course. Another beautiful resort in Bhurban is the
Bhurban Hill Apartments, located 2 km from PC Bhurban.
It has its own source of natural mineral water.


Bhurban's main resident families or tribes are Sheraals, Saidwals, mumdals tapyal Janyals,
and Jogyals. Sherals are one of the biggest families in Rawat which are the children of
Dada Sher Khan. Sher Ahmed Khan, Mumdal Kaya, Noor Elahi Abbasi are from the same tribe.
Raheem Dad Khan is one of the elders of this tribe since 1970. His sons, Rasheed Ahmed,
Zahoor Ahmed, Ashraf Khan, are the three figures of the region.
Mr Sadaqat Hussain Abbasi Is one of the Great Business person in town he Live in the
Village Bandi of UC Rawat.


why bhurban
  • Peaceful location
  • True hill station atmosphere
  • Next to PC Bhurban
  • Jammu & Kashmir view
  • All civic facilities in close proximity
  • Away from rush locations but having all civic facilities
  • Kitchen
  • Laundry
  • Hot Water
  • 24/7 Backup Electricity
  • 24/7 Wifi
  • BBQ
  • Secure Parking
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